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“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” - Tony Robbins

I really love this quote and it sort of emphasizes the fact that our habits, our actions define who we are. So many people live life with no awareness of how they can shape and mold their lives to their liking. They move through life thinking they have no control over anything. It's true we don't have control over the future, over what might happen to us in the next five seconds but I believe our control lies in how we handle whatever happens. Even just watching and controlling your thoughts can make a big difference because it will eventually bring about a change in your actions. In order to have a good life, our own thoughts and actions need to be good and positive. Besides doesn't it just feel better to be more positive then negative? What do you think? :)

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Review - My First Asos Purchase

So I had been eying the Asos website for quite some time without ever making a purchase. They have some really nice clothes for pretty decent prices. Some of the clothes are up there in terms of prices but most of them are relatively reasonable in my opinion.

The thing holding me back was that it's online so I wouldn't know EXACTLY what the clothes would be like until I got them and then if I didn't like them I would have to send them back and I'm ridiculously lazy when it comes to all that hoopla so I end up keeping so many things that I should've returned just because I procrastinated too much *hangs head in shame*

I also don't like paying the extra cost of shipping which is sometimes ridiculous and while there are sites that offer free shipping it's only if you spend a certain amount. Grrr.

Asos offered free shipping without any minimum amount AND free returns. Sweet! Point Asos. (Update- Unfortunately Asos did away with their free shipping and made a $25 minimum for free shipping. It's sad the no minimum is gone but $25 is still way better than a lot of sites I see to be honest. Like free shipping if I spend $100. What?! No, just no!)

They also offer 10% off to students and not just as a one time thing but with every order. You just have to verify your University with them (mine took 24 hours if I recall correctly) and that's it! I was really warming up to Asos by this point.

Another thing I found really cool was their little runway feature. When you view a dress or top you can see the normal images from front, back, sides you know the usual but you can also click the runway button and see a model walking down the runway in it. I really liked this because it makes it easier to gauge whether or not a dress would work for me and how it would flow. You can also save items you like but don't want to buy just then and Asos will keep it in your saved items list for 60 days, like wishlists on other sites. Over that period you can go into your 'saved items' and they tell you if they're running low in stock on a particular item you've saved so then you can order that one first if you like. Another point Asos. Ok on to my purchase!

So after a lot of staring at the pieces I wanted and deliberating and staring again I finally decided to go for it. They had some really cute crop tops and I wanted one or two to pair with a sleeveless skater dress. By the way how cute are skater dresses?! I'm obsessed they're just so adorable and you can dress them up or down but we'll talk about that later, back to the crop tops! As I said Asos had a really nice selection so I ended up ordering two.

The first one I got was this basic black one:

I ended up ordering this in a size 1 without even glancing at the size guide. Go figure. When I looked at the size guide and figured out I'm a size 4 I'm thinking oh great first thing I buy and I'll have to return it. When I got it and opened it, it also looked pretty tiny but I couldn't bear to part with it without trying it on and what on EARTH it just seemed to magically fit me, it wasn't tight or small or anything! The material seemed stretchy but not THAT stretchy. It was absolutely perfect. A million points Asos!

The second crop top was this really gorgeous Aztec print one:

I fell in love with this from the moment I saw it and I haaaad to have it! This one I bought after the first one (when I say after I mean a few hours after the first one, I decided one wasn't enough lol) and this time around I ordered the right size and it fit perfectly too. It's not loose in the slightest, there's absolutely no flaw that I can pick up. The Aztec print is just as pretty in real life as it looks in the picture and I wore it with a long purple tank top/dress. I also plan on pairing this with a simple black or cobalt blue skater dress although the print could go with any solid color. I think it would look a little weird with a printed dress though, that would be too much for me.

I ordered both items on March 3rd and my expected delivery date was March 11th but I actually got them on the 9th. Yay!

All in all, I was very happy with my first Asos purchase and I think it was the beginning of something beautiful. (Not so beautiful for my wallet but hey a girls gotta shop!)

  • Free Shipping (Update- now with minimum purchase of $25) 
  • Free returns
  • 10% off for students
  • Shipping is relatively fast
  • Very nice selection 
  • A variety of different brands (I could honestly spend hours on there just browsing away)
  • Good quality clothes
  • 'Runway' feature on site
  • Decent prices
Cons: Honestly, so far I can't think of any. *knocks on wood*

I read some reviews and a lot of people were complaining that the sizes are off but one person suggested that the size guide be followed for Asos brand clothes and for other brands you check the brands own site. I've only ordered from the Asos brand so far so the size guide on the site was accurate for me but I do like some things from other brands (this one river island jersey dress is beautiful in my opinion, I'm thinking of doing an Asos wishlist post and I'll add a picture there) so for those I'll probably go check the brands own size guide.

I already ordered two more items which are currently on the way. Another crop top and (of course) a skater dress :

I can't wait to get them, I love the skater dress and think it would go great with the black crop top I already got and black tights. This last crop top I really got to wear under dresses that are a bit low cut to make it a modest, daytime look but I'm thinking it might also look good over a long sleeve dress too..hmm. What do you think? :)

The opinions expressed in this review were my own and I bought all the items with my own money. I was not paid or sponsored to do this review. I hope this review can help those of you who might be debating over trying Asos. Happy shopping! :)

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I Was Here

This song seriously gives me chills and I just had to share it! The lyrics, the meaning behind them and not to mention Beyonce's all just comes together perfectly in my opinion and it just makes me want to get up and go do something, to help someone, to get out there and live! ok enough dramatics lol here's the song :)

(I do not own the video/music. No copyright infringement intended)