Chanel Gommage Microperle Éclat Review

Hello lovelies! Ok, so a while ago I developed an obsession with Chanel skincare products and I bought this scrub (the name is so fancy I wouldn't even know it was a scrub! would you?) during that time. I've had it for more than two months now so I think it's long enough to properly review it.

To be fair it's not really a scrub, technically it's an exfoliating gel and according to the Chanel website it "delivers powerful exfoliating action for a refined, revitalized, luminous complexion". So does it deliver?

The packaging is pretty basic for this product but pretty nonetheless! It comes in a light pink tube with a shiny black cover on the bottom which you unscrew and then squeeze the gel out. Not a lot comes out in one go so you don't waste any product, which means it will last you longer.

The consistency of the gel is very creamy unlike a lot of gels that either feel thin and watery or thick and greasy, this one has the perfect consistency in my opinion. The color is a light light pink with darker pink exfoliating beads suspended in the gel. I like that the beads are very gentle on my super sensitive skin and they didn't cause any irritation whatsoever, which is rare in my case. The SA I bought it from told me not to scrub it in too much because it wasn't made for that kind of scrubbing and it might irritate my skin. So I was very careful to not rub it in and just lightly massaged it on my face in circular motions.

One thing that I noticed is that it does not rinse off easily. Even after a few rinses I can still feel one or two beads here and there but a few more rinses and they're gone so it's something that I can live with. Immediately after I wash my face with it my skin feels baby soft and definitely looks more glowy and dare I say, radiant, and hey who doesn't love looking radiant? So that's a definite plus AND it gets better, my skin looks even more amazing the next morning (I use this at night). Like seriously a "whoa" inducing glow that will make you want to stare at yourself :)

The radiance, however, doesn't last very long. A day and a half at the most and then I was back to non radiant normalcy. For whatever reason I just expected more from this product (maybe because it sets you back a heft $45) but it does what it says, it does revitalize your skin temporarily and the effects are certainly very good. It's not something that is a staple in my skincare routine but definitely good for a spa day when you want to pamper yourself. So to sum up!



  • Creamy consistency
  • Leaves skin baby soft
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Did not cause a break out
  • You will most probably look like a goddess for a while and ooh and aah at your face in the mirror


  • Expensive ($45 at Nordstrom)
  • Effects are temporary
  • No long term effects (is this the same as the one above? Maybe but I'm going to write it anyway!)

All in all, if it's within your budget and you feel like treating yourself I recommend this product and hey, you can return it if you don't like it! Nordstrom is the best when it comes to returns. If you're looking for a facial exfoliator to join your regular skincare routine I wouldn't go with this one.

Makeup Alley rating: 3.3/5

My personal rating: 3.5/5

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have you tried any exfoliating gels? Which ones worked for you? :)

The opinions expressed in the above review are my own and I was not paid for this review, I bought the product myself.


  1. Hi,

    I meant to surprise my sister with an alternative to her beloved Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion face cream. The price tag of that is high enough for her to consider not repurchasing it. I was wondering whether this Chanel gommage with the micropearls thingy could do the trick for half the price of the Dr. Brandt one.
    marox79 from juntasperonorevueltas blog.

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting and happy new year! :)
      Hmm...I honestly couldn't say, because I've never tried the Dr. Brandt one but I just researched it a little bit and quite honestly, that one seems like the better option because it definitely claims to do more than the Gommage and the Dr. Brandt one doesn't have any synthetic dyes which is always a big plus for me because whether or not you're allergic to them, in my opinion, the product without synthetic dyes is always the better option. I'm really sorry, I know this probably isn't helpful but it just wouldn't be honest if I told you I think it'll be a good enough substitute. It's a good enough product (the Gommage) but the Dr Brandt definitely seems to have better claims (heck I wanna try it now lol) and if your sister loves that one, the Gommage might fall short. You could always try it out and return it if she doesn't like it though. Good luck! I'd love to know which you end up picking and whether or not she likes the Gommage if you end up trying it. :)