Review - Chanel Mousse Confort Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser


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I thought I'd do a review of the Mousse Confort cleanser by Chanel today. This is my daily night time cleanser and it has been for about two years now. Needless to say, I love it!


My skin:

Now before I go into detail about the cleanser, just a little bit about my skin super quick because I know whenever I'm reading reviews I find myself wondering about the reviewers skin type so I can figure out if the product would have similar results for me you know? I'll be quick about that I promise, just as soon as I stop blabbing. So yeah um my skin - two words - desert dry. My skin is typically very dry, sometimes it gets dry to the point of flaking around my jawline but most of the time it's not flaky just very dry. If I wash my face (with or without cleanser it doesn't matter) I absolutely have to moisturize right away or else my skin starts feeling tight. At the same time though, it's ridiculously sensitive, so it breaks out pretty easily. Thankfully, I've never had severe acne problems (my younger acne suffering self begs to differ though- back then it felt like every breakout was a crisis of mammoth proportions) and now whatever I had has cleared up considerably. I also can't use anything with yellow 5 in it, I try to avoid all synthetic dyes but that one in particular my skin cannot stand, it breaks me out really badly. This makes it difficult to find products to use, because so many have yellow 5 in them, even facial cleansers.

Mousse Confort Rich Foaming Cream Cleanser:

Now let's move on to the cleanser! The name fits this cleanser quite well, it's definitely very rich and creamy, I love how luxurious it feels. The creaminess also makes it feel very gentle on the skin which is great for my sensitive skin. Despite being creamy, this cleanser foams up really REALLY well and I like that because it just makes my face feel squeaky clean. Usually a cleanser will either feel luxurious or it'll give you that squeaky clean feeling but this is the only cleanser I've used that gives me both. What more can a girl ask for? From a cleanser anyway...


Speaking of makeup, it does a really good job of removing it but it may not remove everything if you're wearing some heavy duty makeup and don't use a makeup remover. I like to use a makeup remover before washing even with light makeup so this isn't much of a problem for me. Sometimes I have skipped makeup remover but on those days I just wash twice and follow up with toner to remove any last traces and that seems to work fine. It doesn't strip my skin like other cleansers have, once I wash my face with it I don't have to rush to my moisturizer (I can make my way towards it at a slow and leisurely pace- which is a huge deal I tell you!) 

Another thing I love is that this cleanser seriously lasts forEVER. You only need to use the tiniest amount and it lathers up like crazy so it can last for months and months. I use mine as a daily night time cleanser, I used to use it morning and night and that worked fine but for some reason I'm always switching up my morning routine. Using it only at night, this thing lasts me more than nine months. Nine months!! Every time I say that to someone I can't help but think wow, that's an entire pregnancy term, a baby could go from a tiny nugget to being born and my cleanser still wouldn't have run out. I'm weird, I know.


The associate at the Chanel counter gave me an awesome tip a while back. She said to cut the top off with scissors when you feel like you've finished it and scoop some out like that. I tried it out and was shocked at how much was still left in there so it lasts me even longer now. Yay! Thank you Susan. The price is kind of up there- it retails for $45- but hey it's Chanel and considering how long it lasts it's definitely worth it, for me. All in all, it's an awesome buy, in my opinion. So to sum up, in case you scrolled through all my jabber and just want the main points-


  • Rich and creamy, feels very luxurious 
  • Gentle and effective at the same time 
  • Does a pretty good job of removing makeup 
  • Not drying, doesn't strip skin
  • Lasts for a very long time 

  • The price may be a con depending on your budget but as I said, it does last quite a long time so it may be worth it 
  • For those who don't like using a makeup remover before washing up, this might not fully remove heavy makeup 

My Rating: 5/5 

Available at Nordstrom (that's where I buy it because of the points!), Macys, etc. 

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