2015 - It's been real, 2016 - here we come! Happy New Year

Be warned, what follows is a rather sentimental New Year message. I am a sappy, sentimental person. If you do not like such emotional expressions, feel free to x out! I won't mind. You've been warned!

Happy New Year!!! To any and all who read this, I hope 2016 brings you joy, good fortune, everything you desire from it and more!

I hope 2016 is your year, lovely reader. I hope a year from now, we all say "Whoa! This year was amazing!" I hope those desires you've carried in your heart for what may feel like ages now finally come to fruition and your dreams come to life. I hope this year is nothing but amazing for you.

Also, I hope 2016 brings with it, peace to our world. There's so much fighting, so much negativity, so much hate. I hope in 2016 we all stand together and bring positive change to our Earth. I hope we put an end to the needless hatred and misery or at least make progress in the right direction. There is enough room in this wide world for all of us to grow and prosper and realize our dreams. Why can't we all just be nice and get along eh? Negativity doesn't seem to be working out, let's give kindness and generosity and love a try, what say you?

What are your hopes for 2016? :-)

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