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Pretty picture for beautification purposes
So, I realize that I’ve never properly introduced myself on this blog. 

I kind of just dove into my beauty posts without any formal set up or intro because I was excited at the prospect of writing about my favorite beauty products and the like. 

I think it’s about time I get my manners together and properly say hello so I thought I would do a get to know me tag! I’ve borrowed (ok fine stolen) most of these questions from Leah over at beautytype and included a few others that I thought would be fun to answer. I hope you enjoy! 

What's your name?

This isn't part of the tag but I wanted to include it so that I could mention something. My username is Belle (after my favorite Disney princess), I've always though it's such a pretty name. So when I was setting up my account, I decided to be "Belle" for the purposes of my blog but my name is actually Annie. :-)
What was your favorite subject in school?

English. I love to read and write so this was always my favorite subject.

What’s your favorite drink?

Good ol water! I don’t drink as much as I should but it’s definitely my favorite drink.

What would you name your children? 

The idea of having kids scares me right now (both the short term and long term aspects of it) but I've always liked the name Aisha and Daniel.

Do you participate in any sports?

Nope. I’m a couch potato. I do like to work out occasionally and I like running (though I can’t remember the last time I ran) but yeah, not much else. I like watching football. Does that count? =D 

What’s your favorite color?

I have two. Black and light a lilacy lavendar shade. Kind of like this:

What’s your favorite animal?

Umm so I don’t have a favorite animal because I’m kind of scared of all animals. I’m absolutely terrified of cats, though I used to like them when I was little and I’m pretty scared of all other animals as well. I can be in the same room with them (if it’s a big room) but if it’s a cat, I’ll run for miles. I truly can’t even help it, it’s a completely irrational response.
From far away, I think huskies are rather beautiful.

What’s your favorite perfume?

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Love it. Quick side note - for those of you lovelies who've tried it, do you think it's a good wedding day scent? I kind of can't decide.

Have you graduated from High school?

I have! I’ve also graduated college. I’m in grad school now, working on a PhD (great decision if you don’t value sleep). 

Have you been out of the country?

Yes I have. I’ve been to Canada and Pakistan and I’ve stopped at the airports in Dubai and the UK. Do they count? (Oh I live in the US by the way)

Do you speak any other languages?

I do! I speak Urdu and Punjabi and a few words of Spanish. I’ve been told that my accent is immaculate when I say no abla espanol mi amigo, no comprende (which I think/hope means I can’t speak Spanish my friend, I don’t understand). So I can say I don’t speak Spanish in a perfect Spanish accent. =D

Do you have any siblings?

Yes I do. I have three little sisters and a little brother.

What’s your favorite store?

Sephora!! All day, every day.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I don’t really have one, honestly. I’m pretty fond of home cooked food.

Do you like school?

Yes I do. It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. I like to feel as though I’m moving forward.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Jaclyn Hill, Nikkietutorials and Lilly Singh aka iisuperwomanii. Oh and I think Zoe from Zoella is the most adorable person to ever be on YouTube ever. She’s just so bubbly and loveable.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

Sherlock, Gotham, Game of Thrones (I’m rethinking that now that Kit Harrington is gone), The Walking Dead, Agents of Shield, The Flash and Miranda Hart! (even though it’s over)

PC or Mac?

PC. Nothing against Mac, I’ve never tried one. I just like my PC.

What phone do you have?

The iPhone 6S

How tall are you?

5’3 and a half!

Any pets?

Nope owing to the whole animal fear.

What is the last thing you bought?

The last thing I bought is the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation from Nordstrom because it was on sale. 

Are you married?

I'm not but that's the plan for this summer. ^_^ 
As in, you know, I hope to marry my fiance this coming summer not as in, I'm a creepy nutjob who's on the hunt for a groom to drag to the altar this summer. 

Can you cook?

Sadly, I can't. I know how to make a few dishes but I'm still fairly new to the whole thing. I come from a culture that has very complicated dishes and there are so many places one can mess up. I'm in the process of learning right now because once I'm married I cant exactly rely on my mom to make food (not that I do that now...every single day) and my fiance knows how to cook a grand total of one dishes. So, I'm trying to get the basics down so that we both don't have to live on takeout. Wish me luck! I'm thinking about documenting the process on this blog but let's see.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better. I’d love to know your answers to these questions or even just your answer to the question you like the most, I love getting to know people. 

Get to know me tags are some of my favorite posts to read. If you’ve done this tag, leave me a link or answer them in the comments below! :-)


  1. Hi Belle, it's nice to know more about you!
    I think Coco Mademoiselle would be a perfect wedding scent! Have you found your dress yet? Or are you wearing a traditional outfit?


  2. Yay! People keep telling me it's too strong for a wedding but I absolutely love it, it's my scent. I am wearing a traditional outfit, typically weddings in my culture are 3 days long so I will be buying my 3 dresses in March hopefully. I hope to share the journey on my blog. Thanks so much for visiting! :)