Review - Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence Cream

If any of you lovelies watch Nikki from Nikkitutorials on YouTube you’ll know that she recently did a skincare video, showcasing her favorite skincare products. Now, most beauty gurus seem to have oily skin so I don’t really take any product recommendations from them because I have desert dry skin all year round. To my surprise, Nikki has partially dry skin and had quite a few recommendations for moisturizers. 

One moisturizer in particular, she raved about in a manner that had me reaching for my credit card thinking “Where do I go to buy it? Take my money now!” 

It was one of those times when all reason abandons you, I didn’t even want to look up any reviews, I just wanted the product. Unfortunately, it was only available in the Netherlands so I had a few hours of heartbreak and racking my brains for any relative/friend/human I knew who lived there and could send me the moisturizer. 

A few hours later, Nikki did an update on Snapchat saying the owner of the site had made some changes and they could now ship to the US but we would have to pay 17 pounds for shipping. Think that detracted me? Nope. I was a woman on a mission. A mission to moisturize. 

I went to the site, which is now in English but at the time I had to translate it myself (I did this by literally plugging random phrases into Google translate to make sense of it all, admire my dedication please! Or call me insane, that’d be reasonable too), put in my order and went to bed a happy camper. 

For a few days I walked around feeling fancy because I was having a moisturizer shipped to me from the Netherlands oo la la and about a week later, the product was at my door! Now in lieu of a traditional review, I’m going to structure this review like a bit of a story. I hope you enjoy! 

Day 1 – my hands tremble with excitement (I may be exaggerating) as I rip open the box and pull out the moisturizer that I hope will change my skins life forever. The jar is housed in a chocolate brown box and a quick glance at the ingredients makes me quite happy because I don’t see any artificial colors or dyed listed there so I love this product already. (I'm allergic to yellow dye)

The jar itself is the same chocolatey brown color and the lid has a very nice woody texture. I unscrew the lid and take a whiff. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of smelling truffles but I imagine this is what they smell like.

I quickly take off my makeup, cleanse my skin and lovingly take up the jar again. Eagerly, I apply a generous amount on my cheek and rub…and rub…and rub. No matter how much I rub and massage my cheek, the product won’t sink in, it just looks white and sits there mocking me. With some difficulty and lots of massaging, I manage to apply the moisturizer all over my face and I now feel…sticky. This feels sticky and tacky and I don’t like it. To say I’m disappointed would be quite the understatement. 

Day 2 – I don’t even look at the moisturizer, so great is my disappointment. However, I notice that my skin feels…plumper? Softer? Something is different but I chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been drinking more water lately and go about my day. 

Day 3 – No plump feeling this morning but I don’t give it too much thought. In the evening, as I go through my nighttime routine and reach for my usual Shiseido Ibuki moisturizer, the Oolaboo jar catches my eye. Well, I could give it at least one more shot, I reason, and take up the jar. Unexcitedly, I apply the moisturizer to my face, it doesn’t look white but still feels kind of heavy, perhaps because it’s a bit thicker than the moisturizer I’m used to. Whatever, I think and go to bed. 

Day 4 – I wake up and rub my eyes. As my hand grazes my cheek, holy cannoli my skin feels plump and soft just like the other day! My skin has never ever felt so soft and smooth and just plain luscious. So today, I reach for the Oolaboo in the morning as well. All through the day, my skin feels hydrated but not greasy. I can’t stop touching my cheek like some kind of weird narcissist. 

Could it be?! 

Could this moisturizer really turn out to be amazing after all? 

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful love story for my skin and Oolaboo?! 


Fast forward to almost three weeks now and I am loving this moisturizer. I try to pace myself and not apply this in the morning because it was expensive and I had to pay for the shipping so I don’t want it to run out too quickly but I love it. Some nights I apply my Shiseido moisturizer and then put this on top just for added moisture and holy heck it works like a dream. Other days I’ll just put this on and be all set. Since it’s wintertime and my skin is extra dry, I actually like to let it sink in the first time then apply another layer on top (that's how dry I am)

I’m not sure what I did wrong the first time but this sinks into my skin like a dream now. There’s no whiteness and I don’t have to rub it in as much, my skin just drinks it up! It is definitely a heavy moisturizer so at first you may get that ‘tacky’ feeling but I’m quite used to it now, I actually kind of like it. The scent is so soothing and the texture is the epitome of creamy goodness. To put this long novel into one sentence, I love this stuff!! 

Including shipping this cost me $83.00

I believe there are different retailers but I got it here


A very luxurious anti-aging face cream with an extremely high quality blend of the most exclusive nutrients. Slows the aging process and improves the appearance of the skin. Has a collagen stimulating activity and protects against age spots. Scientific research has shown that the stem cells from a Swiss apple have a positive effect on the vitality of the skin stem cells. They make the skin cells more efficiently and give it a longer life. As a result, aging of the skin is extremely delayed.

 If any of you have tried Oolaboo do let me know if there are any other keepers. Since I want to be a good blogger and try out new things to review for you, I’m just going to go ahead and order the Oolaboo Truffle Sleeping Mask. For you! I don’t even want to really, I’m just doing this for you! =D 



  1. very interesting post

  2. Haha, this post cracked me up!
    I hope this doesn't smell like truffles because in my opinion they smell terrible, but it's one of those smells you either love or hate... I definitely hate it!
    Not that I'm really going to give this a go, since I have the complete opposite of very dry skin...

  3. I have not heard of this brand before but it does look like a great product!!!!!
    But the price... I should start spending $ on skincare though.

    Thanks for sharing!




  4. Wow ! I respect your determination to by the moisteriser ! God knows what we'd do without google translate hehe :) I'm so glad it worked out for you I was feeling so sorry for you at the point in the post when I thought you'd bought it and it was rubbish but I'm so glad that its a great product, I definitely want to try it :)

    lots of love, Marianne xxx

  5. Oh dear, I absolutely loathe the smell of truffles, so that's really not for me! I really loved your story though, and I'm glad it has a happy ending! $83 for a broken heart would have been too sad.

  6. What site did you use? I can't find it! Thank you!

  7. What site did you end up using to purchase? Also, did you notice a difference in pores or pore size? Thanks!

    1. I honestly can't say that I noticed a difference in pore size. It helped the texture on and around my nose but not the pores. Hope that helps! :-)

      This is the link