When was the last time you got lost?

Nightime picture because my story takes place at night (I'm so subtle)

When was the last time you got lost?

I honestly don’t remember the last time I got lost but I remember a time I got lost so I’ll share that one. Umm so I was in a cemetery, which means that this story is a tad bit morbid/creepy. There’s a huge cemetery near my house, the wall that runs around it is supposedly the longest continuous wall after the Wall of China. 

About seven years ago, I was driving home at night from somewhere and turned into it, I’m really not sure why. I had gone in there with my friends a while back simply to explore. It’s so very huge you see and for some reason at the time I really wanted to see what it was like on the inside (strange adolescent phase). I was young and stupid but I still can’t remember what my reasoning was at the time for turning into a cemetery at nighttime instead of driving home like a sane person.

In any case I turned into it and drove up a hill and into the main area of the cemetery. There are a lot of hills in there lined with roads for cars and then fields of tombstones on each side. I’m not sure why I drove all the way in but when I thought to turn around, I realized I’d made too many turns and no longer knew which road would take me back to the front. It was pitch black, my gps was broken and my phone conveniently chose that moment to run out of battery. 

So I was driving along in there, with no clue where I was headed, my headlights picking out the tombstones on each side of the road. I was feeling moderately panicky at this point but I just kept driving straight back on the road I was on in the hope that it would take me back to the front of the cemetery and miracle of miracles it did! I sped out of there thanking my lucky stars and wasn’t so keen on exploring it after that. The things we do when we’re teenagers, yeesh. 

Ok, now that I’ve presented an excellent example of my stupidity, your turn! When is the last time (or any time, if you’re like me and can’t remember) that you got lost? Creepy, funny, embarrassing, whatever it may be let’s hear it! :-)


  1. Lovely post my dear!!! Have a nice sunday, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

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  2. Oh gosh hehe dont worry I'm sure lots of people have visiting cemetries in the dark phases ... probably hehe :) At least this made me giggle !

    lots of love, Marianne xxx


  3. I always get lost, I have no sense of direction but I don't worry too much about it!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. Funny story dear! I know i would be scared as hell if i was you,haha :)


  5. I honestly cant remember a time where I got completely lost, so if it ever happened to me it must have been ages ago.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. Haha reading this made me laugh! Love the story. Hope you don't get lost again anytime soon!
    xo Kiki

  7. I get lost when I drive all.the.time. The bloody GPS always tells me to turn too late, so I end up who knows where constantly. That's when I start sweating and swearing a lot.
    Apart from that frequent experience, I don't think I ever got badly lost. I'm actually pretty good at finding my way back, even in a strange environment.


  8. Wow! I don't think I BEEN LOST IN SOME TIME!


  9. Great post! I have not got lost in a while but when I do I never really care unless I have something important to be at! Lovely post! Happy Monday!