Beautiful Quote - Let's not judge each other!

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there" - Rumi 

I absolutely love this quote and I've been meaning to share it for a while. It's one of those quotes that pulls at your heartstrings and fills you with a strange nameless feeling of...something. Everyone interprets quotes their own way, of course, so you may not feel the same way about this beautiful little phrase. Personally, it makes me long for a world where we don't judge each other and spend our days living how we please and allowing others to do as they please.

I come from a culture that, unfortunately, has a lot of judgmental people who freely talk about others without a thought as to what goes on in their own homes. Instead of being open minded, sometimes, it feels as though we're moving in the opposite direction. People are becoming more and more judgmental and narrow minded. What I can't help but wonder, every time I hear someone talking badly about another person is, what does it matter? Who cares if someone's hair is blue, green or purple. What difference does it make if someone wears dresses, skinny jeans or skirts? What does it matter if someone wears a lot of makeup or no makeup?

I'll be honest, growing up, I used to be judgmental myself and I did plenty of backbiting until I realized what an ugly thing it is to hate on someone even if it's not to their face, for something that makes no difference to me. A lot of it had to do with me not being confident in who I was and so I would try to paint other people in a negative light to make myself seem better. When you're at peace with the person you are and work on being a better version of you every single day, you no longer feel the pull of this negativity.

Now, I try to live my life by one simple rule - if you're not hurting anyone, feel free to do what you please. It's so much simpler and it's brought me so much peace. Why must we spew hatred and negativity? Some people are really sensitive and it breaks my heart to think that someone's day might get ruined because of a hateful message some stranger left them. Why can't we just live and let live? If only the field Mr. Rumi wisely speaks of existed, I'd be on my way.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are, dear reader. Tell me what you think about this quote, about being judgmental, have you ever found yourself being negative toward others (fess up :-P) or have you felt like you were judged for something that was nobody's business?


  1. BINGO to the 3d paragraph from the bottom, girlfriend. That's exactly what I went through, in so many of my fashion and creative phases. I was so envious of others not appreciating my own gifts, that there was safety in judging others. I didn't need to face my own shortcomings.

    Now I understand that we all have shortcomings, we all struggle, we all have ups and downs. Judging adds nothing to the mix except misery for the one judging. It's the futile exercise of trying to polish everyone else's statues, not to mention, trying to polish your own statue in everyone else's minds. How exhausting.

    Judgmental thoughts come up, but they are not truth, they are just chatter; so easily we get hooked on them, though.

    I so agree with you on this post, Belle.

    1. I think we all experience a phase like this at some point or another when we're growing into ourselves, for lack of a better phrase. I love the statue metaphor, absolutely brilliant.
      That's exactly what it is and as an older sister, I worry about my little sisters and brother growing up in a world where people find it so hard to celebrate each other. If only we could all get along and learn to love ourselves and one another. I think it'd be much less tiring than polishing statues all day =D (be it yours or anothers)

  2. This is such a lovely quote, we are all judgmental people in different ways. We are all insecure in different levels. Realizing and confessing our faults is a great way to release our mistake.

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    1. I couldn't agree more Aimee. It's the confessing that seems to be the hard part for us all.

      Thanks for visiting! xx