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  1. What's your name?
    Besides 4'11" and wanting my hair to smell good (yup, it's me, lol, I figured it out!!), Christine.

    What was your favorite subject in school?
    Same as you! + foreign languages.

    What’s your favorite drink?
    Same as you! haha...

    What would you name your children?
    Thankfully, N/A.
    But if I had 'em, I would name a cat Richard, and a dog Edna or Glen.

    Do you participate in any sports?
    Only if dance is a considered a sport but I'm sure it's not so, a resounding no.

    What’s your favorite color?

    What’s your favorite animal?
    Vulpes vulpes (red fox) & bradypus pygmaeus (pygmy 3-toed sloth).

    What’s your favorite perfume?
    Ooh, no, I cannot.

    Have you graduated from High school?
    And woah -- PhD is nothin' to sneeze at! Best wishes towards your completion!

    Have you been out of the country?
    Yes. I've lived in Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore, Montreal, Toronto, and almost moved to Vienna. Traveled to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Denmark, Russia (U.S.S.R at the time), China, Saipan, Philippines.

    Do you speak any other languages?
    Besides English, Japanese (Kansai region + Tokyo), French (Montreal region + Parisien), very miniscule amount of German (Mostviertel, from where my hub hails + Hochdeutsche). I happened to have learned the "grittier" dialects of each, for some reason.

    Do you have any siblings?
    1 younger sister. We're 8 years apart but if you stand between us you will hear us in stereo. It's funny.

    What’s your favorite store?
    Old Nelson, our "kitchen annex" a/k/a the corner store that has everything awesome in it & the best, hardworking people to staff it.

    What’s your favorite restaurant?
    "I don’t really have one, honestly. I’m pretty fond of home cooked food."
    Same as you again!

    Do you like school?
    Yeah, I think so. I'm a total school nerd. I like highlighters, rulers & mechanical pencils.

    Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
    Dave Rubin (The Rubin Report) - plus I like staring at his foundation, Wayne Goss, Melissa Bender (Bender Fitness) - she works out, gets sweaty, and her makeup is ON FLEEK lol (whatever that word means I'm assuming it's a positive thing??), Stef Sanjati, Jordan Liberty.

    What are some of your favorite TV shows?
    I don't watch, but I'll reminisce out on YouTubes of shows from the 70s.

    PC or Mac?
    PC in the streets, a MAC in the sheets? I.e., PC @ work, MAC @ home lol

    What phone do you have?
    iPhone ...5??

    How tall are you?
    4'11" with the best smelling hair possible

    Any pets?
    "Nope owing to the whole animal fear."
    Any soft mascots for you? Since I don't own a Richard, Edna, or Glen (yet), I have a completely limp black cat called Gluey and an out-of-production IKEA klappar rav fox (w/ the baby) we named Stoner (baby is named Tweeker) because, well, Stoner looks completely high and Tweeker looks like he needs a fix. O___o

    What is the last thing you bought?
    Food from aforementioned Old Nelson corner store.

    Are you married?
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!
    I'm married to my Twitter sweetheart. =D

    Can you cook?
    Please document your culinary adventures via blog! Would love to follow along!
    With a proper kitchen (and even a not-so-proper kitchen), if I put my mind to it, yes. I miss living next to a grand market, like Atwater Marché, that has fresh, local, organic ingredients, and a spacious kitchen to concoct & experiment, but maybe one day again.

    Thanks for commenting on my short-person-concerned-with-stinky-hair comment on Karen's blog; from your comments, I liked you instantly (not creepy, I swears, I'm not creepy)....

    Wonderful, safe, & bright 2016 wishes to you!!

  2. I replied (at length) to you on Karen's blog so all I'll say here is thanks so much for sharing!! *hugs* And I love the name Edna! I can imagine Edna to be a beautiful, graceful creature who patters after you all over the house and gazes at you adoringly out of loving brown eyes, tail wagging gently but constantly. Goodness gracious, I hope you don't have a relative named Edna now because I was just trying to paint a picture of your future dog. xx

  3. OMG, lol, I'll take that Edna!! XD

    1. Hahaha but what about Richard and Glen? They might be fine fellows too! Do you and the hub have plans to really get some furry new additions at some point?

    2. Hi! I would love a Richard & Glen but it probably won't be for a few years. We're relocating and all that so when we're "settled" (whatever that means, lol). ;-)

    3. haha well I look forward to all kinds of tales involving these new and already beloved characters once you welcome them into the family!